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Intermodal Transportation

Little Rock Port Authority utilizes one of the most efficient transportation trifecta (rail, highway and waterway) in the southern region. In addition, air support is gained from close proximity to the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.

Because of this diversity of transport, location and the expertise and experience of its personnel, The Little Rock Port Authority is a unique answer to the transportation needs of a growing global business economy.

Transportation Support and Services

Sophisticated support services are available to shippers along the waterway, while other major modes of transportation – highways, railroads, and airports – interface with the major ports. Port customers can choose from a complete array of shipping services, including:

  • Agricultural export services
  • Banks with industrial development and international services
  • Barge-carry ship-lines
  • Barge and towing lines
  • Chambers of Commerce with industrial and foreign trade specialists
  • Container pools and shippers
  • Custom house brokers
  • U.S. State Departments of Commerce field offices
  • U.S. Custom offices

  • Export packers
  • Foreign Consular offices
  • Foreign trade clubs
  • Freight forwarders
  • Industrial development foundation and services
  • Industrial Traffic Association
  • Port Authorities
  • Public terminals
  • Railroads
  • Small Business Administration offices
  • Steamship and trucking lines