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The Little Rock Port Authority Railroad is a switching railroad serving the Little Rock Port Industrial Park. The line extends from its junction with the Union Pacific Railroad and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company near the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport to the Arkansas River at the Little Rock Port dock facilities. Several spur lines to industries within the Industrial District and a marshaling yard where switching takes place between the Little Rock Port Authority Railroad, the Union Pacific Railroad and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Company enhance the rail transport, operating on approximately 17 miles of track.

The railroad provides direct intermodal connections with the Port terminal on the Arkansas River for over 40 industries, warehouses, and distribution companies in the Port district, along with numerous shippers from the central Arkansas region. In turn, this allows shippers to access global market areas via the Arkansas/Mississippi Rivers systems through the international port at New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Port Railroad operates with a four man crew between the hours 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Overtime switching to Port Industrial Park Companies is available. The Port Railroad connects to the Union Pacific Railroad and by trackage/haulage rights to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe.

The Port Railroad is a Surface Transportation Board certified switching railroad authorized by ICC Federal Docket No. 24549 dated August 4, 1967.

Employees are under all Federal Railroad regulations (Engineer Certification, Safety Regulations, and Track Maintenance). The track is maintained at Class I standards. The EMD-SW 1500 locomotive is leased from GATX.  The mainline track is 136 pound rail. The Port Railroad operates two locomotives and has a published tariff.