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The Little Rock Port Authority offers an array of facilities supporting diverse transportation options, encompassed by a 2600 acre industrial park.

Via water The Little Rock Terminal has two service areas, consisting of the Main terminal dock area, utilizing two river barge berths served by a 175 ton Manitowoc crane and a 125 ton American crane, with additional berthing available for rail/truck transfers of bulk products to river/LASH barge via river conveyor. The U.S. inland river system provides industrial access to 14,000 miles of U.S. intercoastal and navigable inland waterways as well as Gulf Ports that participate in international shipping and trade.

Via rail the Port is home to the LRPA Railroad which owns and operates 17 miles of railroad track, served by the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Railroads. Daily switching services are provided to Little Rock Industrial Park rail users by the Little Rock Port Railroad.

Within the Port boundaries, the City of Little Rock maintains a Fire Department presence, including hazmat preparedness.

Baptist Health Occupational Health Clinic, a subsidiary of the Baptist Healthcare System, with a full time doctor on staff resides within the Port.

157,000 square feet of warehouse space are housed with both rail and truck access and 45,000 square feet of paved outside storage. Terminal area has a 30 ton rail mounted Gantry crane for rail/truck cargo transfers. A variety of forklifts with capacities up to 30,000 lbs. are included in the Port equipment inventory.

The Little Rock Port Authority stands ready with diversity of transport, expertise and delivery experience.

Quick Facts

  • Cargo Lift Capacity: 50 tons
  • Bulk Handling Capacity – Inbound: 200 tons/hour; Outbound: 350 tons/hour
  • Industrial Harbor: 4500 feet long; 320 feet wide, 15 feet deep
  • Slackwater Harbor: 190 feet Dock; Water front acreage
  • Storage -Inside: 134,000 square feet; Outside: 15 acres
  • Truck and Rail Scales
  • Roll On/Roll Off Ramp
  • COFC Lift Capacity
  • Chemical and Grain Packaging from Rail, Truck, or Barge

Little Rock Port Railroad

  • Serves 40 major industries in Port Industrial Park
  • Switches approximately 7500 railroad cars per year
  • Provides service for 60% of cargo handled through the river terminal
  • Over seventeen miles of track on the main line


  • Interstate 440 gives the port access by expressway to Interstate 30 and Interstate 40


  • Throughout the United States (East Coast markets less than 24 hours by truck)
  • Deep water ports along the Gulf coast for export of products worldwide


  • Interstates: 30, 40, 430, 440, 630
  • Highways: 64, 65, 67, 70, 167, 530